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Workout in a relaxed environment and earn that toned body that you deserve. Follow it with a pampered Pedicure and Massage to make it a perfect day.

Classes(Updated 1/7/13)

Our classes combine BOTH CARDIO AND TOTAL BODY TONING all in a one hour class- this is the perfect mix your body needs to help you maximize your time, lose weight, burn fat, tone up, & get results faster than you ever thought possible. Classes are for ALL FITNESS LEVELS & have modifications for beginners to advanced! We have an incredible RELAXED, NON-THREATENING ATMOSPHERE!  Just walk through the front door and you will be greeted by a staff that understands, cares, and ready to help!

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5:30 AM Group Cycling           Group Cycling          Group Cycling      
8:00 AM Cardio Dance          Salsa-Sise          Cardio Dance  Zumba®
9:00 AM Restorative Yoga TriplePlay Sculpt Yoga
TriplePlay Sculpt Group Cycling       Yoga Fit
10:00AM Group Cycling Pilates       Combat
4:30 PM Group Cycling Total Sculpt Group Cycling Total Sculpt Group Cycling    
5:30 PM
Rock n Roll  Zumba® Rock n Roll  Zumba®
5:30 PM
Cardio Sculpt    

6:30 PM
Bliss Yoga   Bliss Yoga             

Class Descriptions

The following class descriptions are a guideline.  Instructors will modify and mix up each class according to level & interest, so communicate with your instructor!

Class Name Description
CardioSculpt A high intensity, heart pounding Cardio & Toning circuit.  Take 3 laps through 10 or more stations of non-stop calorie burning, body toning, organized chaos!  Burn, sweat, tighten, and melt your body in this TOTAL BODY conditioning class that combines stations of calorie-burning CARDIO drills with muscle-leaning sculpting exercises using FREE WEIGHTS and WEIGHT STACKED CIRCUIT MACHINES into an intense workout with impressive results.
Cardio Dance / Salsa Sise Pam Hudson's signature fitness class that combines easy to follow dance moves with total body toning and cardio. High energy, fun, and result driven.
Group Cycling A 40 minute bike ride that incorporates interval training, lower body strengthening, lower body strengthening and toning. A fantastic cardio workout burning up to 900 calories per ride. Motivational music and dim lights set thge stage for a fun & energizing ride!
Rock N Roll Vicki Vargo's energizing dance AND fitness class will take you down memory lane with the oldies to the new music of today and everything in between!  Enjoy this Black Light party with the lights dimmed, music jammng, disco balls spinning, black lights glowing, and burning up to 500 calories!
Combat Vicki Vargo's cardio kickboxing class allows you to advance your fitness level at your own pace.  Easy to follow combinations consisting of punches & kicks, old school exercises, weights, and abdominal routines!  Beginner to advanced athletes!  Choreographed to Rock music for a heart thumping-muscle pumping workout! Chlallenge yourself with each class!
Total Sculpt JT's  fun high-energy total body toning class that targets all muscle groups using free weights, weights stacked machines, the "in" workouts and any other toning regimin you can think of. Whether in the gym or in the classroom... your muscles are in for a total "shock" each week.... All toys are fair game in JT's fitness adventure... even those Cardio toys!!!
 Zumba® Are you ready to party yourself into shape?  That's exactly what the  Zumba® program is all about.  It's and exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance party.
Triple Play Sculpt Start the calories burning in the Cycling Studio for 15 minutes of Cardio, then to the Gym for 10 or more Stations of Full Body Weight Lifting, then back to the Classroom for 20 Minutes of Cardio, Toning, & Stretching.
Body Tone The one stop body shock! A fun high-energy TOTAL BODY conditioning class that targets all muscle groups using FREE WEIGHTS for better range of motion.Designed for women to build leaner, longer muscles.

Pilates is a system of movement and exercise created and developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates.  A core conditioning class, using specially designed moves, Pilates educates, realigns, re-patterns, and balances your body.  It increases muscle strength while promotiong coordination, stamina and flexibility.

Restorative Yoga A gentle practice using props blocks,straps, and other props.  Focusing on increasing flexibility and decreasing stress! Great for the avid Yogi or beginners!
Yoga Flow This class is designed to synchronize the body's motions and breath.  This is a very steady workout increasing muscle strength and mental focus
Yoga Fit This class is designed to improve balance, strength, flexibility based on the science of "Hatha" Yoga joining movements with breath.  For avid Yogi, athlete, or anyone looking to improve their level of fitness.
Bliss Yoga This stress reducing yet energizing class offers you just the perfect amount of toning, stretching & fresh bliss to your busy schedule.  Extra emphasis to strengthen your core & back muscles will re-charge your posture and re-charge your energy too, all while increasing your flexibility!  Mondays: Free Weights for extra toning.  Wednesdays: Stretch Bands for extra toning.

Weight Stacked Lady Apex Total Body Circuit Training Machines ~ Smith Machine ~ Cable Crossover ~ Treadmills~ Ellipticals ~ Free Weights ~ Certified, Friendly, Experienced Instructors ~ Ready Made & Easy To Follow Workouts ~Cardio Programs ~ Towel Service ~  Locker Room With Showers ~ Clean & Friendly Atmosphere


Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30pm


Choose One Of Our Workout Videos Or Bring Your Own And Plug In!


No Initiation Fee. No Lengthy Contracts Required.  Above Classes Included. Gym Included. Orientation Included.

Only Fitness Center In Town That INCLUDES a Full Schedule of Classes AND a Fully Equipped Gym AT ONE LOW PRICE!

Unlimited Memberships: .                                                                                                                  $35/Month: 1 Month Purchase

$30/Month: 6 Month Purchase

 $25/Month:12 Month Purchase

Walk In:   Reg $5 Per Day (Web Special: $3 Per Day)

Add On's

We Have The Honor Of Housing The Following Businesses in Lindy's At The Beach.  Their Services Are Available for Their Established Fees:

Kyokshin Karate by Shihon Dave Muscarella

  CHILD & ADULT: $60/Month

Younger Student: 6:30pm Tuesdays & Thursdays

Older Student: 7:30pm Tuesdays & Thursdays

For More Information: Call Shihon Dave @ 724-699-6346

Zumbooty Audrey Dinger

Fridays 10:30am Only $3 Members & NonMembers

La Bella Beach Bodies by Edie Smigel

$10 Per Class or $40 per Bundle of 5

For More Information: Message Edie on Facebook @ LaBella Beach Bodies